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IRULEA means spinner in Basque. The shop was founded in 1932 by Ms. Manuela Barandiaran.

It is a traditional family commerce. It's located in Calle Mayor No. 7, in the old part of San Sebastian and it has been open to the public, mantaining all the original furniture and decoration.

Since the beginning it has been dedicated to the sale of household linen ( bed sets, linen hand made articles and so on).

In 1952 the running of the shop was taken over by Ms. Manuela Barandiaran´s daughter, Ms. Maria Luisa Pagola Barandiaran, who to this day owns the commerce with her daughters Susana and Ayago Villar Pagola.


Nowadays, Irulea is a textile commerce, specialized in baby articles, women lingerie, household linen and fabric.

For most of our items, our own confection helps us to customize our customers´ tastes, in embroidery of one´s own initials as well as in different designs which we change continuously.

We offer home made products in a large variety of baby items, women lingerie and household linens.

What really differentiates Irulea from other textile commerces is that we get closer to the tastes and needs of our customers providing the experience of three generations.